Call Recording

Voice is the cornerstone of any Multichannel Mobile Compliance proposition and our Mobile Voice Recording platform VSmart™ has been designed with regulatory compliance in mind by experienced market practitioners and risk managers.
Our solution is global, frictionless and “Always On” VSmart™ operates without disrupting the user experience or forcing organisations to change mobile network providers, SIM cards or MDM/EMM platforms.


Voicemail & transcription

Audio, Text and Email. Voicemail how you want it.
Built for an exacting and demanding user case VSmart™ incorporates next generation speech to text transcription technology ensuring Voicemails are not only captured and recorded but also delivered as email and SMS.
Never miss that important message again!


As one of the backbones to modern communication VSmart™ natively captures and records all Simple (text) and Multimedia Messages ensuring compliance and enabling productivity.

IM capture

Don’t restrict channels, enable them.
Instant Messaging channels such as WhatsApp and WeChat have already become the new normal in consumer society and any global mobile compliance strategy has to capture not only the latest available channels but also be capable of capturing those disruptive channels not yet at critical mass.
VSmart™ has been purposely architected to be multichannel and futureproofed for tomorrow’s requirement today and is capable of natively capturing the majority of the instant messaging channels in use today.

We’re also on Desktop!
We strive to future-proof our technology ahead of pending regulation and industry trends. Now, in 2018, we introduce WebCap™ to the VoxSmart Product Suite, taking the next step towards enabling customers to confidently conform with mandatory regulation with our complete compliance toolbox across all their devices, mitigating the risk of fraudulent and unlawful behaviour. In todays ever changing compliance landscape, it is crucial that we provide seamless integration between your devices whilst not compromising user behaviour.

Vsmart Control Center

The VSmart™ Control Center (“VCC”) is the patented, award winning portal from VoxSmart built by our inhouse development team.
A highly secure Graphical User Interface (“GUI”) incorporating Multi Factor Authentication and Role Based Accounting the VCC can be used for multichannel playback, search and analysis as well as administrative provisioning, permissioning and screening.
The VCC is your gateway to multichannel communication compliance.