1. Contact Centres

Calls. Emails. Web forms. Surveys. Mobile apps.  Today’s contact center is going far beyond its call center foundation to become the hub of an organisation, multi-channel customer experience strategy.

But regardless of the ways in which customers conduct their interactions, they still want personalized, efficient, effective service—delivered by knowledgeable, skilled employees.  And that’s where we can help. Our software and services enable contact centers and other areas of the enterprise to capture and analyze customer interactions across multiple communication channels, then use this information to study trends and sentiments, improve staffing and performance, and optimize the customer experience.


2. Financial Markets

Banks and other financial services organizations operate in an environment increasingly governed by stringent statutory regulations—particularly in maintaining the privacy of customer data—as well as the pressures of consolidation, cost-cutting, and the need to manage staffing resources more effectively across branches in Singapore and other regions.


3. Public Sectors

Government and public sector agencies typically operate in an environment marked by tight resource constraints, along with requirements to maintain accountability while observing data security regulations.