1. Compliance and Risk

Compliance and risk can pose formidable challenges for many organizations, particularly as the number of regulations—and penalties for noncompliance—escalate steadily around the world. Aeradio’s solutions can provide organizations with the ability to capture, retrieve, and analyze interactions between employees and customers or prospective customers, as well as interactions by employees as they interact with organizational systems.


2. Performance Management

For service organizations to improve agent’s performance while also balancing customer satisfaction and loyalty, it is essential to focus on business execution. To ensure successful execution, contact center performance management combines  performance data with business improvement processes, providing valuable tools for continuously analyzing how teams are performing against goals as well as executing purposeful coaching to adjust and realign when necessary.

Aeradio’s solution is designed to meet the unique needs of front line service operations. By delivering personalized performance data to every employee in the organization while automating critical managerial activities, the solution helps organization to increase accountability and establish a culture of continuous improvement essential to reaching business goals.


3. Service Quality Management

Service quality or operational efficiency can be the key to higher profit margins and increased shareholder satisfaction, but it can also require a continual reprioritization to balance quality of service with costs, staffing, and other resources.  Aeradio  offers a wide range of solutions that can automate and provide insight into time-consuming processes while helping organizations make better use of their limited resources.

Since operational efficiency is generally a volatile target, Aeradio solutions can help enterprises continually monitor workload, activities, events, and staffing and adjust plans quickly to achieve efficiency goals and service-level agreements (SLAs).   Quality reporting functionality can help organizations quantify processes and other aspects of their operations, facilitating better, more informed decision making.


4. Voice of the Customer

The voice of the customer is often a direct result of the quality of the customer experience.  That’s why Aeradio offers solutions to address these areas holistically, as well as at more focused level.   Our solutions can help organizations gain the insight they need to develop enterprise strategies for building lasting customer relationships while helping minimize customer churn.

Aeradio’s solutions can help organizations cultivate customer relationships and address potential customer defections proactively, while offering insight into processes and practices that can play a significant role in influencing the customer experience.