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Today, “data” is one of the most important words for any business to consider. In a world where customer experience is the only true differentiator, the best way for a company to make sure that they’re giving their consumers the experiences they want is to gather as much data as possible. Unfortunately, while capturing online interactions may seem simple enough, there’s been something of a divide in the marketplace when it comes to capturing and using voice data.

Now, Red Box Recorders are stepping in with an API-focused architecture, next-level transcription solutions and an integration with Salesforce to empower users to really make the most out of the connections they make with their customers. I spoke to Kate Hammett, the Head of Global Partnerships, and Pete Ellis, the Chief Product Officer of Red Box Recorders, to find out more.

Tell Us About Your Work with Salesforce

One of the most exciting new developments for Red Box Recorders came at a recent Salesforce event, where the company introduced the new application they’ll be taking to market. According to Kate, the service responds to a need that the company has seen in the marketplace for an application that allows companies to leverage voice data and do something significant with it.

“We had a meeting with Salesforce to find out what they could use, and what they currently had. There were a lot of CTI providers who offer the ability to launch calls directly from the salesforce platform, but there wasn’t anyone looking at how you could collect the information that already exists in the core telephony infrastructure and pull that into the Salesforce experience.”

Red Box Recorders can capture the information all the way from mobile conversations to connections in a call centre. Now, they’ve worked with Salesforce to create an application that takes Red Box Recordings and transcriptions and using the associated rich metadata, pushes the information automatically into a lead, contact or account within salesforce to use however they like.

How Do you Take the Conversation Beyond Transcription?

Red Box SFDCOne of the things that makes Red Box Recorders unique is the fact that they don’t just focus on transcription. They’re also expanding their reach with  partners to make sure that they’re giving their customers the best access to the broadest range of applications “We want to make sure that our recording platform works seamlessly with our partners tools and applications allowing customers to improve customer behaviour, ensure compliance and regulation are met and delve into artificial intelligence. I think it’s very exciting because it changes the conversation from a compliance concept, into something that focuses more on customer experience and intelligence.”

In the recent years, transcription technologies have come a long way. They’re starting to work with things like data, accents, and inferences. While there may be no solution out there that’s 100% accurate, Red Box Recorders hopes to use a flexible architecture to make sure that customers have the best possible access to data that’s been trapped in the audio conversation up until now.

“This opens up analytics in a huge way, with both historical and real-time information. The benefits are limitless, whether you’re looking at artificial intelligence, or you simply want to improve customer service in a space where CX is critical.”

Red Box Recorders don’t limit where information can be captured either, they deal with the complexity of capturing voice across the whole enterprise from legacy or new systems and make it simple and easy to access seamlessly so companies can pull data from everything from their business meetings to the call centre.

Call Evaluation

Red Box recorders_For anyone involved with call evaluation, the Red Box Recorders solution and the integration with Salesforce can pull hours out of the week. “We were talking to someone last week who said they had employed someone specifically to listen to the calls each day. Unfortunately, human beings can only transcribe so fast. With Red Box, you can simplify the process, and transcribe instantly, without having to worry about human error, that’s a huge cost saving.”

While this concept of replacing manual transcription with automatic machine solutions feeds into the debate about whether AI might take over in human jobs, Kate acknowledged that for Red Box Recorders, the aim is to improve the experience of recording and transcribing for businesses.

“There are some places where machines make sense and others where human input will be essential. With voice, we really need to capture that information as quickly and effectively as possible so that we can deal with conflict and speed everything up for organisations.”

Will You Be Investing In More Partnerships in the Future?

One of the things that Red Box Recorders is particularly proud of, is their strategic partnership portfolio. The company has a lot of connections that they want to build on, and what they’re seeing in the market right now is that customers want to regain control over their data. Kate told me:

“One of our key differentiators is that we focus entirely on capturing audio, making sure that we give our customers the best possible experience with a single solution.”

“We have an open API so our customers have complete control over data we collect, they chose where to store it and what to do with it. What we’re trying to do is say “take this data and put it into any system you want.”

Red Box Recorders can also integrate with best in breed partners like Salesforce for CRM and soon, IBM for analytics, but if customers want a different integration, the API is there to provide complete freedom.

What Does the Road Ahead Look Like?

When it came to discussing the road ahead for Red Box Recorders, the team noted that they’re primarily focused on making sure that they capture audio as effectively and reliably as possible.

“We make sure that whatever we can access, our partners, customers and resellers can access too. We’re getting to a point where we can guarantee that we’re capturing as much as possible, with five nines availability.”

According to Red Box Recorders, if their customers aren’t capturing, then this means that they aren’t fully compliant, efficient, or able to evolve with the latest technology. Moving forward, the aim is to continue giving clients the support they need to access and use the data that they haven’t had before.

“It’s about making sure that you’re not just collecting the data you need, but that you also have the tools to do something with that information once you have it.”