1. Nice Recording eXpress (NRX)


NICE Recording eXpress

NICE Recording eXpress (NRX) is a voice logging system that captures, manages and processes calls, for SMB Contact Centers, in stand-alone offices and across branch locations, all with one solution. With its intuitive configuration and administration, the voice logging system is easy to configure, and easy to use, delivering the functionality of enterprise systems, including PCI compliance and Quality Management (NICE Quality eXpress). NRX can record up to max. 200 channels.


2. Nice Trading Recording (NTR)

NICE Trading Recording (NTR) offers a reliable and resilient platform providing the ability to capture, store and maintain customer and trade interactions such as telephone chat and email conversations. It provides various recording methods for front and back-office, optional selective call deletion, flexible call search, highest security, standard storage and archiving and easy playback. It acts in accordance with regulatory requirements worldwide, reduces cost, advances process and operational efficiency and offers a wide-ranging solution for compliance assurance.


3. Nice Interaction Management (NIM4.1)

NICE Interaction Management Release 4.1 (previously known as NICE Perform) includes significant new capabilities that further advance NICE’s offering for the contact center, enterprise and financial markets. It is designed to help organizations address their current challenges which are part of their evolution and growth.



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