A Cost Effective Solution for Capturing mobile Voice/Chat/SMS 24/7

Mobile Recording enables financial services firms to fully adhere to the requirements for mobile call recording.

Mobile Recording solution is a cost–effective and fully integrated extension to the Android/BlackBerry platform. With this simple, yet resilient solution, you can protect and fully leverage investments from your Android/BlackBerry mobile phone.

With Mobile Recording, it minimize impact on the user’s mobile experience

  • Ensure 100% call recording
  • Counter market abuse and assure successful enforcement
  • Protect and leverage your existing investment
  • Increase customer satisfaction by meeting customer needs 24/7

Unparalleled Features:

 Automatic Call recording and backup for review.
 Unlimited Voice Recording.
 Flexible Recording Settings to suit different versions and brands of Android/BlackBerry Mobile devices
 Quickly search and playback of your recordings on a portal
 Runs in background mode without interfering of your other mobile applications
 Intuitive User-Friendly Design and Optimized Search Functionality

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