When evaluating a contact center recording solution, we tend to focus on the common features, such as regulatory compliance, scale, redundancy, or support for recording methods. We often overlook behind-the-scenes capabilities that are not part of the “usual suspects,” but are no less important to the decision-making process.

In fact, neglecting to consider these capabilities can make the day-to-day operation of a recording solution painful or even impossible to run. This need for additional investment of time and money could negatively impact the solution ROI.

Here are some of the top recording solution capabilities that you might initially overlook, but which allow you to deal with a number of scenarios you might encounter.

Audit query tools: When a regulator requests that you extract data from your recording solution for an audit or as evidence, you want it to be able to provide the information quickly, accurately, and easily. Inaccurate, incomplete, or late responses may lead to significant fines. An intuitive one-click search application that covers all data and enables you to extract and save results easily will allow you to respond quickly to regulatory inquiries while minimizing the risk of penalty.

Switch environment changes: Changes in contact center components or configuration, such as adding a new service channel, may be a result of unexpected business decisions and might have significant impact on your recording needs. Such a change may require intensive integration work if the recording solution is not compatible. Organizations can minimize integration challenges in several ways. The first is by selecting an all-in-one recording solution that minimizes the number of integration points. The second is ensuring that the selected recording solution is agnostic to the switching environment and designed to adapt and easily integrate with multiple switch environments and various recording methods.

Extended capacity: The reasons for higher capacity requirements vary from business expansion to a transition to 100 percent recording. The move from partial (20-30 percent) interaction recording to 100 percent recording is to ensure all interaction data is captured, which is the only way to ensure quality optimization and a deeper understanding of customers. Such a move means a fivefold increase in recording volume. A flexible high-capacity recorder can easily support a rapid increase in scale and, with the right technology, does not involve significant extra cost.      

Do-it-yourself system mapping and optimized licensing management: Contact centers are dynamic by nature. Contact volumes and agent staffing needs may change as a result of promotions or seasonal fluctuations. Handling these fluctuations may pose a serious challenge and require additional investment if your recording system does not allow for dynamic license management. As the recording system administrator, you want to have as much flexibility as possible and be able to configure the system as you wish whenever needed. Do-it-yourself system mapping and optimized licensing management allow you to adjust to such changes quickly.

Changing archiving requirements: Increasing enforcement from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is causing compliance officers to make frequent changes to archiving practices both in terms of what is recorded and in retention duration. Failure to meet regulatory requirements can lead to significant financial implications and brand impact. A flexible recording solution that allows for easy adjustment of what is recorded, what is not recorded, and how long calls are stored is essential for meeting regulatory demands.

In summary, while some recording features might leap out immediately as must-haves, it’s often the behind-the-scenes capabilities that provide the most value to meet today’s dynamic business environment. Look for a solution that provides unrivaled scalability and flexibility to comply with planned and unexpected changes.

Credits : http://www.customerexperiencereport.com/expert-edge/dont-overlook-these-factors-when-selecting-a-contact-center-recording-platform/?utm_source=linkedin&utm_medium=social&utm_content=Oktopost-linkedin-profile&utm_campaign=Oktopost-3rd+Party+Content_20_8