Now you can have a clear view of the telephone traffic to and from your company, Skype calls included.

The Call Recorder Pico automatically records all calls and stores them in a comprehensive database on your computer.

Surely you don’t want to be on guard all the time. Let the Pico do it for you. The Pico is Vidicode’s smallest call recorder, measured in body size, but linked to a computer it has an almost endless capacity for recording calls.

The software is user friendly and has extensive query options to retrieve a specific call in seconds. Recordings can be attached to e-mail, played back in a call or by any standard Windows audio player.

It is the perfect recording solution for private persons, small businesses, call centres and any other organisation. It’s recording quality is high, it’s price is low.

• Storage capacity up to 180 hours per GB free disk space
• Database with extended search options
• Connects to all telephones **
• Registration of the call and all available data: date, time, internal and external telephone number (Caller ID*), duration of the call etc.
• Playback a recording in another call
• Notification; spoken message to notify that a recording is being made
• Automatic recording or Start / Stop button
• E-mailing of recordings
• Skype recording

Together with the included Pico PC software and your PC you can easily record all your telephone calls.

The Pico software is designed to give easy access to recordings.  It has buttons to go to the List, Search and Audio tabs. Search on date, notes, external number etc.  Recordings can be attached to an e-mail from within the software. A notification message can be recorded and played back. Archives of calls can be selected to burn onto CD for back up purposes. Special functionality for call centre use is added.